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St. Bonaventure Hosts UNC - Chapel Hill Students for African Relief Mission

Friars Giles and Arturo in Australia for Pastoral Internship

Welcome to the Conventual Franciscans 

The Church as the living Body of Christ, and our Franciscan Order within that Body, possesses a sacred memory, an expression of individual initiatives and communal responses, a portrait of an enduring identity.

Together as a brotherhood of fallible men, weakened by sin, strengthened by grace, inheritors of a long family tradition of saints and sinners, we who follow Saint Francis have a passionate will to imitate our founder in modeling Christ “perfectly.” 

The official title of our branch of the Franciscan Order is Friars Minor Conventual. We are known as Greyfriars in Britain, the Commonwealth and Ireland, Cordeliers (cord bearers) in French-speaking countries, Minoriten (minors) in countries where German is spoken, or simply as Franciscans in most other parts of the world. 

The Conventual followers of Francis chose to minister in the heart of the city rather than in more remote hermitages; they banded together in concentrated communities rather than wandering as itinerant preachers. Read More> 

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